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Mid Central Regional Champion IGP3
Epoch Canine Training Solutions
IGP3 2nd Place
The Hubbard family
IGP3 3rd Place
Mile High Working Dog Club
IGP2 1st Place
Mid Iowa Working Dogs
IGP2 2nd Place
Sheila and Haley Aud
IGP2 3rd Place
Viel Glück von Sabine
IGP1 1st Place
Castle Dobermans
IGP1 2nd Place
The Aud Pups
IGP1 3rd Place
In memory of Tansy Fox
High Scoring Club (Ave score, min 2 dogs from same club)
Kaw Valley Working Dogs
High Protection IGP3
High Obedience IGP3
Ouray Working Dog Club
High Tracking IGP3
Flint Hills Working Dogs
Tornado Alley Hundesport
High HOT
St Louis Schutzhund Association
Helper's Favorite
Flint Hills Canine Solutions
High Scoring Breed Surveyed Dog
Weberhaus German Shepherds
High Scoring Female Dog
Kaw Tal German Shepherds
Youngest Dog IGP3
Windigen Hafen German Shepherds
Oldest Dog IGP3
Vom Silberwald German Shepherds
BH Medals
Robin Ayling
High Auslander
K9 Access
High in Trial
Canine Performance Nutrition
High First Time Regional Handler
Freedom Working Dogs
High Non GSD
Wheat State Working Dogs
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