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Mid Central Regional Champion IGP3
Canine Performance Nutrition (Mike Williams)
Vice Champion
Dave and Vicki Murrow
IGP3 1st Place
Flint Hills Working Dogs
IGP3 2nd Place
Robin Ayling
IGP3 3rd Place
Barking Beauties Grooming Salon (Reanna Scott)
IGP3 4th Place
IGP3 5th Place
IGP2 1st Place
Faraone's Pawn and Bail
IGP2 2nd Place
Casa Grande Mexican Kitchen
IGP2 3rd Place
Shane O'Neil
IGP1 1st Place
Tharp Farms
IGP1 2nd Place
Red's Auto Body Shop
IGP1 3rd Place
High Tracking
Waine / Angie
High Obedience
In loving memory of Kathy Cirilli
High Protection
Rocky Mountain Working Dogs
High HOT
Mid Iowa Schutzhund Club
In loving memory of Parker
High Scoring Female Dog
Black Dawg Studio (Jessie)
High Auslander
Chilton's Lawn Service
High Scoring Breed Surveyed Dog
High Scoring Club (Ave score, min 2 dogs from same club)
J.C. Barnett Cattle
Helper's Favorite
Antonis Stylianou
Sportsmanship Award
T.O.P. Working Dog CLub
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