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Johannes Eitler, SV/SVO working judge since 1992

Johannes is not only a working judge but also a respected sought-after breeder of the infamous kennel Aus der Konigshohle and active competitor.

Johannes started in the sport as a boy in 1969 with a unpedigreed German Shepherd, Marko, given to him as a gift from his father which he actively competed in 35 competitions

In 1987 Johannes started breeding under his own kennel name – aus der Konigshohle, to date having bred over 150 litters, focusing on character, health and working ability.

Johannes has proven successful with his breeding program producing many dogs competing at high levels to include just recently Oetzi aus der Konigshohle, 1st place at the LG13 FCI qualification out of 42 dogs in Apr 29-1 May 2022.   Also taking 8th place with his own HOT dog, Firle fanz aus der Konigshohle, at the 2021 WUSV Universal Sieger, Spain, just to name the most recent accomplishments.

Johannes has participated in 10 International Championship with all but 1 dog being of his own breeding and 64 Nationals Championships.  His greatest personal success to date is being vice sieger at the FCI world championship in 1988.

Johannes is president of his club, SVO Kottingbrunn and is an active member of the SVO (Schaferhund Verein, Austria) board    

The Mid Central Region is fortunate to have Johannes Eitler judge our 2022 Regional Championship, Sept 29-Oct 2, in Kansas B & C, as he is a sought-after knowledgeable judge, breeder and trainer, judging championships all over the world and not to mention judging in his home country of Austria.

Don Yelle, USCA working judge since 2016

Don is not only a working judge but also a respected National level, Teaching Helper who also breeds under the kennel name Rebel Yelle.

Don got started in the sport through his father in 1987, taking his first “grip” (bite) from an East German dog named Utz.  From this day on Don’s lifestyle encompassed the German Shepherd and the sport known today as IGP.

Don has been a coveted helper, doing helper work at over 37 National/international Championships and is co-chair of the USCA Helper Program.  Don is always willing to share his knowledge in helper as a teaching helper and facilitates many helper Workshops/seminars

As a competitor Don has competed in the New England Regionals and 5 USCA Nationals, 2 of them being with dogs from his own breeding.  In the past 15 years Don has titled 8 dogs to include the 5 he has taken to the Nationals.

As a member of USCA for over 20 years and a judge for six of those years Don has judged numerous trials to include three times USCA National Championships twice international championships along with several Regionals here in the US.

As a breeder Don believes in breeding only breed survey dogs, with good health and temperament that show the true working ability of the German Shepherd.

Don is also the Regional Director for the New England Region, we are excited to have him judge tracking at our 2022 Regionals Championship Sept 29-Oct 2, in Kansas

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